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Fishing/ St Mary's Loch
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St Marys Loch, Lake 2

St Marys Loch, Lake 1 on shore

St Marys Loch,
This is an extremely good place to go fishing, i think its 2 junior and 6 adult, and its extremely good value. There are lots of tales of monster Pike in this loch, but i have failed to catch any. Trout is also one of the attractions but i have also failed to catch any of them. Perch do live there and i have managed to catch about 10 in half an hour, around the 6-8 o clock time. They were only young at kept on getting themselves on the hook awkwardly. But St Marys Loch is a great day out (if its warm) and you will have fun even if you do not catch anyfish.

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