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Hexham Fishing
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George Hotel - River Tyne - Chollerford
This was a gamble fishing here, we had no idea what was down here, but  we knew there is a chance of some trout, a drawback for this place is the fly fishing here is poor, there is no where to cast without geting caught in trees, and there are very little places to set up your rods. We got down to fishing next to the bridge, i cast out a bubble float and let it roam downstream and it didnt go under but instead started flying around the river when i had a bite, i had caught a small brown trout, but it wasnt big enought to eat, we started legering which was quite ok. As we were thinking of leaving we reeled in our legers and to find that an eel was on the end of the hook. Eels are pains as they eat the food and rest, so the hooks go right down, but apart from that it was fine, all types of fishing are allowed here

Hexham Fishing