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Hexham Fishing
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Tyne Bridge - Tyne Greens Fishing Limit

Tyne Green - Hexham
This river holds lot of fish, Catching them is another matter. You see people Fly fishing and Pole fishing all the time down there but never any big fish. People say that all the salmon pools were washed away in the flood's, but there is still a large stock of them. Keilder releases salmon every month part of there salmon hatching centre, which provides a wealthy source for the tyne, November time you can see the salmon jumping up the wear past the boundry of tyne greens boundary

15 April 2006
Catches 2 Bites 4
We set off at 10 o clock and got our permits from the tourist info shop, located at the top of the wentworth carpark. We started fishing at 10:30 ish and ledgered and floated, nothing. I put numerous spinners on with no luck, until i got my sea fishing spinner out, it was a small rubber fish chasing a spinner, i cast into the very fast flowing part, away from the tyne bridge and brought it in slowly. I thought i had got it caugt on a rock until i saw a large fishing going frantic, i struck it and the spinner came out its mouth, we didnt know what kind of fish it was, it could of been a large trout, a sea trout or a salmon. Later on .... 5 o clock, we decide to move to a bit which is now fenced off, we went round the fencing and found a spot, i put in my large metal fake fish spinner, and cast it to a bit further than half way, reeled it in slowly nothing , i got caught on a few rocks and weeds in the tyne but nothing major, eventually i fort i had pulled in a reed, but was pleasently suprised to find that a young brown trout had lept on to my spinner, the barbed hookes teared its mouth, and we put it back, it was very disinoriantated but swam of, i checked my legering rod, and another young brown trout had ate my maggot and worm cocktail, on the fly fishing rod we got one bite, from a large ish fish, it was with a orange and brown fly, which you can see further down this page along with the spinners.

The Spinner For Brown Trout - Drawing

The Large Fish Spinner

Coarse and Fly fishing, Everything alowwed
Recomended - Lures that look like fish - Go to shallow fast flowing parts

Hexham Fishing