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Hexham Fishing
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Legering is a very good technique to use on a cold day or in a fast flowing river. The weight (bomb's) give you the option of casting out very far, the bombs fall to the bed of the water and so does the bait, this could come handy for bottom feeders of fish.

A simple leger setup

Once you have cast out, leave your rod on your rod rest, you can sit with your rod and hold the line in the tip of your fingers to feel your bite, but if you want to relax, just watch the tip of the rod shake, as you get a bite. This is simple legering

Float Fishing
Float fishing is the easiest way to detect a fish on the end of your hook, you can easily watch the float go under water at the fish bite. Float fishing is very good in lakes, but in rivers you will find yourself casting in and out scaring all the fish. there are a couple types of floats, i would say the main two are bubble floats, and wagglers. Bubble floats being bubles that float on the water (which can be half filled with water), or wagglers long sticks that have a flourescent tip.

A simple float setup

Always make sure that you adjust your line sinking from the float to the deepness of the water. Do not overload your float by putting to many AAA shots on, its just crap. This may sound a bit bad, but dont expect to be casting far with wagglers and short rods, get bubble floats. Bubble floats have been putting fish off their bait at Naworth, and they bash them with their heads, maybe its the flourecent colours.

Spinning is one of the most active fishing techniques up to date, there is never a time where you leave your spinner be, your always reeling or casting. Spinners work well best in river such as the Tyne, always try to find a place were it is shallow and fast flowing, and always cast agaisnt the current so that you spinner is agaisnt the current. Salmon and Trout love spinners, so i would recommend buying one, have a look at the diagram below to help understand what to do with your spinner.

Spinner Technique

Spinning In Shallows

Deadbaiting is used to catch preditor fish, like Pike or Zander. Mackerel are commonly used for this and can be bought from a supermarket like, Tescos or can be picked up from Top Tackle. ALWAYS use a wire rig, your line will snap, these can be also purchased from Top Tackle. Put one of your treble hooks through the head of you bait, and one through the central body, then use elastic wire from Top Tackle to secure it on. Cast out on a leger and wait for the bite

Dead Baiting

Fly Fishing
This type of fishing is the most realisting for the game fish. The name fly fishing is placed in this sport as you use fake flys that you have bought or tied (made). Fly fishing is a major type of fishing and places like Naworth benefit from it. There is a skill that is needed to cast a fly line as you have got to whip it back a forth. You then cast and bring the fly back in by pulling the line. This can be very challenging to cast far out, so many people use waders for this.

Explaining The Technique

Hexham Fishing