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Hexham Fishing
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Gone Fishing © Simon Fraser
Keilder Water,
This place is so big i would not recomend just going anywere on the resivoir and fishing, fly fishing is the best for just doing that, but if youve got some worms or maggots or any bait try finding an inlet of water, maybe connected to an upland stream that leads into the water, most trout rest in these spots and this is were your most likely to catch your monster. i caught 2 trout by myself and it was a trouble trying to land it, but when you go to keilder the people are really friendly and they will tell you whats getting the fish or help you land if you have alot of trouble. My recommendations is go for a day, there is no set feeding time for the fish here, i caught one at about 2 o clock and one at about 6 so you just need to see what happens

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Hexham Fishing