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Hexham Fishing
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Scaling Dam,
When i visited here i was using my normal rod, i didnt catch anything here all day, the people in the sailing club (were you get your permit from)  they said that powerbait and worm will do the trick, it didnt. powerbait is complete crap, the only place my "turbo nuggets" worked was Bramptons Fish Farm. Scaling dam was mostly open for trout fishermen, most of the people there were fly fishing, all day we had nothing with our worms, but at about 6 some people showed us the art of legering and then we put a bit of sweetcorn on the hook with the worm, and then we caught a 7lb pike. scaling dam is quite cold so take some tea soup or cofee and wrap up, best fishing is with flies, spinners are not allowed, or lures

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Hexham Fishing